Dipping the Toe

$ 99.99
  • 1-Hour Consultation
  • 1-month Content Plan
  • 2,000 Words


$ 299.99
  • 2-Hour Consultation
  • 1-Month Content Plan
  • 5,000 Words
Value Pack

Pedal to the Metal

$ 999+ per month
  • Custom Content Plan
  • 360 Content Support
  • Execution + Publication
  • 20,000+ Words

A Little More About the Packages

If you are to hire me, you have the right to know everything there is about my services. Let me illustrate the scope of work for each of the packages.

Dipping the Toe

It’s completely normal if you’re not sure whether I’m the right fit for your project or not. If you’re feeling the same, the “Dipping the Toe” package is the right move for you. It’s nothing but an orientation for you and I to get to know each other. We start the journey with with an hour-long meeting (or text session if you’re an introvert like me). 

The goal here is for me to understand your business and what you want to achieve through content marketing. Once we’re both comfortable with the scope, I’ll create a month-long content plan for you. It may include blog ideas, email marketing campaigns, or in-depth product reviews (for eCommerce). 

                                                          **It doesn’t matter as long as you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.**

To top things of, I’ll provide 3,000 words of content so that you can analyze the tone and quality of my work. This 3,000 words can be one 3,000-word article, three 1,000-word blogs, or ten 300-word emails. Again, it doesn’t matter. 


Now that you have a better understanding of our compatibility, we can move onto the “Accelerator” program. This also includes an hour-long consultation call and a month-long content plan. But this time, I’ll be there to execute that plan, for up to 10,000 words. 

Again, the execution of the plan will depend on what your exact goals are. We can smash the Google SERP ranking with SEO blogs or get you leads through  an email funnel. You’ll be the captain, I’ll be your helmsman.

Pedal to the Metal

This the cream of the crop. The crown-jewel of my offering. This is where you make the money. See, content marketing is not a quick steroid inject for the competition next day. It’s a long-term hustle that takes time to build up. The stronger your foundation is, the less likely your business empire is to crumble down. 

This package is inspired by the Wild West. There are no rules. You can I are going to craft the perfect content plan and execute it. Of course, we’ll have to make adjustments as we go based on the analytics. As I said, it’s journey and a beautiful one at that. 

You pay me a flat rate of $0.03/word for all the blogs. There is no cap on how much you can ask for, as long as I don’t have to compromise the quality. Keep in mind the rate will change for copy on your website, email campaigns, sales pages, landing pages, social media. 

As you’ve come this far, I believe we can always figure something out and give your competitors a run for their money.