AFFORDABLE content marketing starts with OLN...

Are you having trouble reaching your ideal audience? Marketing costs going PARABOLIC with little to no conversion?

Well, Outlawed Narratives might be able to help. As you can guess from the name, we don’t do typical content mill stuff with BASIC “SEO” best practices. We take the OUTLAWED PATH that few dare to walk.

Meet the magicians

Tariq Al Jamil

Content Strategist with a knack for SEO. 

Tariq, a professional writer putting the reps in for the past 5 years. Millions of words and hundreds of clients later, he’s ready to take reader-focused content marketing to the next-level with his own venture, Outlawed Narratives.

“Writing is not about words. It’s about emotions. It’s about the journey. Help me understand your business. Your audience will understand you.” – Tariq

Rejoana, an avid marketer with passion in beauty and fashion. She worked as an executive at country’s one of the best fashion houses before joining Outlawed Narratives with Tariq. 

Together, they plan to solve the most common problem business owners face on the internet. Visibility. With her experience as a social media marketer, she can design the perfect campaign to bring traffic to the blog Tariq creates. 

“Visibility doesn’t come overnight. The first campaign most often fails. But that doesn’t mean you fail. It’s just the beginning of fine-tuning your strategy.” – Rejoana

Rejoana Binte Razzaque

Digital Marketing Specialist

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