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Every business needs content marketing. But it doesn’t have to put a hole in your bank account. 

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Tariq Al Jamil

Content Strategist with a knack for SEO. 

Meet the Man Behind

Meet Tariq, a professional writer putting the reps in for the past 5 years. Millions of words and hundreds of clients later, he’s ready to take reader-focused content marketing to the next-level.

“Writing is not about words. It’s about emotions. It’s about the journey. Help me understand your business. Your audience will understand you.” – Tariq

The Woman Behind the Man

Rejoana, an avid marketer with passion in beauty and fashion. She worked as an executive at country’s one of the best fashion houses before joining Outlawed Narratives with Tariq. 

Together, they plan to solve the most common problem business owners face on the internet. Visibility. With her experience as a social media marketer, she can design the perfect campaign to bring traffic to the blog Tariq creates. 

“Visibility doesn’t come overnight. The first campaign most often fails. But that doesn’t mean you fail. It’s just the beginning of fine-tuning your strategy.” – Rejoana

Rejoana Binte Razzaque

Digital Marketing Specialist

How We Can Help

Objective Consultancy

The most important part of any content marketing strategy is synergy. I must understand your business for your audience to understand me.

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors are doing well for at least one reason. We have to find that reason by analyzing their actions.

Profound Planning

Proper planning is at the core of every successful strategy. Let us plan together for a better future.

SEO Audit

SEO is still the backbone of brand awareness and authority on the internet. I can help you reach the right audience.

Relatable Blogs

Blogs provide solutions and customers flock to where they find them.

Marketing Copy

Understanding customer psychology and triggering emotions is the only way to sell.

Get to Know My Writer Side

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What My Clients Say

“Tariq is a solid content writer with quick responses and takes feedback easily.”

- Shaun, Coinweb

“Great conversational article and super fast delivery. It was a pleasure to work with Tariq.”

- Natalia

“Tariq is a great freelancer to work with! The work was delivered in the agreed timeframe, and it was of great quality. The freelancer’s dedication, communication, and cooperation skills are of top quality. Definitely, one of the best freelancers to work with!”

-martin, Better Collective